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If you are already registered for the show, you will need to know your entry number, refer back to the 2023 entry list.


Arrival on the Day

Registration: 8:00am until 10:30am.

Registered Entries
Please have your entry number ready, if you do not know your number refer back to the entry list.


Once you have been checked off, you’ll get your goodie bag and you’re onto the show field. Please follow directions and park only where you are told as all entries will be parked together in unique classes.


Non-Registered? You can Display at the Show!
If you haven’t yet registered ahead of the show, you can still arrive on the day and display your vehicle on the show field. please enter the right lane just as you arrive at the park and have your money ready.

Please note: On the day entries will NOT be judged by the public so will not have a chance of winning an award and the display fee is $40 for cars and $25 for motorcycles. On the day entries will all be grouped together and your placard will say ‘Display Only’.



You can trailer in your vehicle. With this being said, we have no room on the show field to stay with your vehicle all day. We do have trailer parking to the north west of the show field (next to the tennis courts) and also across the road at the beach parking. We do ask that if you are bringing your entry on a trailer, please do so early and park your trailer outside the park and drive your vehicle through the check in and to the class area.

If you cannot drive your show car or bike and you must take the trailer onto the show field, you need to be in and out before 9:00am. You can still enter the show field at the main entrance and then leave the show field with your trailer soon afterwards through the south gate. This gate will be closed but will be opened up for you to remove your trailer and towing vehicle.

Spectators can come and see the cars and motorcycles for FREE!!
We do not, nor have ever charged for spectator admission.

Spectator Parking
Spectator Parking at Carlin Park is $10.00 per car. Follow the Preferred Parking signs and you will be parked on the same side of A1A as the show and the closest to the spectator entrance.

While the show officially starts at 11:00am, the arrival time of our entries are between 8:30am and 10:30am and this is where you can see these cars coming approaching from both north and south on A1A onto the show field.

Preferred Spectator Parking opens at 10:30am.

Company Branding at the Event
Only companies who are listed on the event permit are allowed to brand on the show field. If you are not listed as an official sponsor you will not be allowed to display tents, flags, banners, brochures of any kind. This includes placing flyers / brochures under windshields or on seats inside registered vehicles. Having a brand or company on the show field that is not approved by Palm Beach County Parks & Recreation prior to the event puts the entire event at risk – so non-approved company branding will not be tolerated and offenders will be asked to leave the venue.

For Sale Signs
For Sale signs are not allowed anywhere on the front of the vehicle. You can chat to folks who are looking at your car or have a discreet sign on the seat or dash inside the vehicle.

Jupiter Police Department
Jupiter PD Officers will be in attendance at the event from 11:30am until 3:30pm.

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