In celebrating 50 years of the Sunbeam Tiger, the Sunbeam Tiger Authentication Committee (TAC) will be at our 2014 Wheels Across The Pond to authenticate any Sunbeam Tigers that have not been through the authentication process.

To have your Sunbeam Tiger TAC’d, the fee is $50.00 per vehicle and if authenticated, you will receive official documentation that will be yours to keep which is proof that you have an authentic Sunbeam Tiger.

Click here for more details on the process.

All you need to do is register with us either prior to attending the show(using this form) or on the day of the show at our Wheels Across The Pond information desk.

Tiger Authentication Committee Registration
If you have any difficulty finding these numbers, please call our Senior Tiger Inspector Paul Sheahan on (704) 564-3831

Tiger Authentication
Enter Tiger rear end number
Tiger transmission number