Show your European Classic or Modern Car at
Wheels Across The Pond

euroclassIf you have any one of the marques above, we welcome you to show your car at Wheels Across The Pond.

Our Euroclass has been a popular class since its introduction in 2009. In keeping with our theme of “Wheels Across The Pond”, we realized that there are many wonderful examples of European classics that aren’t British in the South Florida area and of course, they’re from across the pond too.

Euroclass is ONE CLASS – all of our European marques are grouped together.
However, if we get 5 of one marque by our pre-registration deadline, we will pull that marque out of the Euroclass and give that marque its own class.

Furthermore, if we get a minimum 5 modern and 5 classic in one marque, we will make a class for each – for example; Porsche Classic and Porsche Modern could be two separate classes.

While our Euroclass is ineligible to win Best in Show, we will have awards for each individual European class that we have on the day. If you have friends that have the same marque as you, encourage them to register for Wheels Across The Pond.