Classic Car Financing

Classic_Collector_Car_FinancingI am pleased to invite you to learn about a custom financing option for qualified individuals.

Why sell your stocks & bonds to obtain your next collector car?

Working in concert with Raymond James Bank, I am pleased to offer you a very attractive financing option that may facilitate your purchase.

Our classic car financing package will allow you to avoid using sale proceeds or cash in order to complete an acquisition and may well be much less expensive than traditional financing.

Raymond James Bank can provide you a Securities Based Line of Credit at very competitive interest rates (one month LIBOR plus*)

Furthermore this financing option is flexible and has no fees to establish the line of credit. This gives you the ability to lower your costs and the opportunity to commit capital
that might be invested profitably elsewhere.

Just pick the car. We can help make it happen.

Call or contact me.

Skip Waldman
Senior Vice President, Investments

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